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Who We Are

We are a focused ultra-hard materials leader

Adamastream excels in ultra-hard materials, employing advanced processes like wire EDM, precision grinding, laser and mechanical drilling, along with sophisticated forming and assembly.

Specializing in diamond, sapphire, ruby, ceramics, and tungsten carbide, we ensure top-tier precision and quality. Our commitment to innovation and bespoke solutions meets the intricate needs of precision engineering, offering unparalleled prod uct performance.

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Who We Service

Admastream Services

Admastream commits to unparalleled quality control, employing stringent inspection processes and cutting-edge technologies to ensure product and service excellence.
Specializing in diamond, sapphire, ruby, ceramics, and tungsten carbide.

Offering rapid delivery capabilities within 3 to 7 days meets urgent client demands without compromising quality standards.
Comprehensive after-sales support and customer service underscore a dedication to client satisfaction and the cultivation of enduring partnerships.

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